Arts & Humanities

What Jessi Zazu had been given - talent, drive, opportunity, support and encouragement - she shared with others. What she had received, she always wanted to give back.

In that spirit, Jessi Zazu, Inc. exists to carry on her work. We are committed to the advancement, preservation, and support of creative people and organizations that promote cultural awareness, understanding, and integrative community building through the arts.

Our first efforts will be toward collaborating with existing arts organizations to augment and strengthen the programs they have already launched. Our hopes for the growth and evolution of the organization include:

  • Supporting and providing opportunities for individual artists to pursue their own creative pursuits through scholarships and grants;

  • Supporting existing arts organizations to help enhance and expand their own programming;

  • Supporting and providing classroom instruction for both visual art and musicianship;

  • Providing a physical space where artists can find the resources they need, where children can learn and experience the arts, where artists can work and paint and write and record, and where each artist is supported, encouraged, and empowered.