Social Justice

Jessi Zazu was committed to using her art and her platform to build community and to advance social and racial justice. In her own words, Jessi believed, “We cannot let anything stop us from finding creative ways to forge ahead and build a better South, a better United States, and a better World.”

In that spirit, Jessi Zazu, Inc. exists to carry on her work. We are committed to uplifting grassroots movements and organizations that center the leadership of marginalized people and use arts and culture as a strategy to help people build bridges toward social and racial justice. We are committed to building a world in which all people have access to the resources and power they need to live full, agential lives. Our hope is to encourage a culture of resistance to oppression and injustice in which art and culture meet activism and offer organizers and activists opportunities to let their creativity flourish, fostering collective pathways toward the world we want and deserve.

Our first efforts will be toward collaborating with existing grassroots organizations to strengthen their work. Our hopes for the growth and evolution of the organization include:

  • Supporting and providing opportunities, through scholarships and grants, to individual community activists or grassroots organizations;

  • Engaging outreach efforts that increase the visibility of issues impacting marginalized communities and strengthen public support for grassroots coalitions and campaigns;

  • Implementing visionary programs that build relationships between artists, musicians, and activists;

  • Providing a physical space where artists, musicians, and activists can find the resources they need to do their work and where each participant is supported, encouraged, and empowered.