Women's Health

When Jessi was diagnosed with cancer in 2016, she put up a courageous fight that inspired everyone who knew her. She wanted to make sure that all women have access to the information and care that they need and to shed light on healthcare injustice that plagues our society.




photo by Anne Rayner

In that spirit, Jessi Zazu, Inc. exists to carry on her work. We are committed to enabling women to access health care and women's services, especially preventative screenings and education. We aspire to a world where all women have safe, affordable, access to life saving healthcare.

Our first efforts will be toward collaborating with existing clinics, healthcare providers, and grassroots organizations to strengthen their work. Our hopes for the growth and evolution of the organization include:

  • Supporting and providing opportunities, through scholarships and grants, to address advocacy and education related to women's health;
  • Engaging outreach efforts that increase the visibility of issues impacting marginalized communities and strengthen public support for grassroots coalitions and campaigns;
  • Implementing visionary programs that build relationships between artists, musicians, and activists around issues of women's health;
  • Providing a physical space where artists, musicians, and activists can find the resources they need to do their work and where each participant is supported, encouraged, and empowered.