Arts + Activism Workshop

Oasis_YEAH_Arts and Activism.jpg


The Arts + Activism workshop series will be led by local artists Marlos E'van and Courtney Adair Johnson and will begin on March 15, 2017. The teaching artists will lead participants through the zine-making process incorporating digital collage and graphic design techniques with a focus on issues they identify as important to them. This workshop was created to honor and remember Jessi Zazu, who was fiercely dedicated to making art accessible and a tool for social change for all young people. This unique experience is made possible through the collective efforts of Jessi Zazu Inc., YEAH, and the Underground Art Studio at Oasis.

The workshop is FREE to young people ages 13-17 and will occur on Thursday afternoons 4pm-6pm through the end of April - summer schedule will vary. All workshops will take place at Oasis Center which is located at 1704 Charlotte Avenue, Nashville, TN 37203. 

The first student art opening will be April 26, 2018 from 5:30-6:30 p.m. at Oasis Center. Student art will also be shown as an art exhibit at Ft Houston during the August 2018 Art Crawl.